How To Sharpen A Knife

Front Side sharpening

● Keep your blade at at a 40°-50°angle on the stone. Refer to picture No.1 for an example.
● Start with a medium grit stone and make sure that the stone is completely flat on its surfrace. Next, splash water on the stone to wet it.
● Align your knife to the shinogi, lift up the tip slightly (as in picture No.2). Press on near the tip of the blade with your left index, middle, andthird finger,and push slightly down and upwards with these 3 fingers. Refer to picture No. 3 for an example.
● When coming back down from the top of the stone with the knife use less force.
● Afterwards, rinse and repeat the process, slowly moving your fingers across the blade to its heel. Keep doing so until burr is built up all along the back side of the knife.

Back Side Sharpening (Uraoshi)

● First, place your knife at a 50°-90°angle from the stone, such as in picture No.9
● Secondly, remember that the stone needs to be completely flat on its surface. Make sure to keep your stone wet so that it will be ready to use.
● Next place your index, middle, and third finger near the head of knife where the edge is (as seen on picture No. 9) and pull downwards with these three fingers while applying pressure (pictures No. 10-13). When pushing the knife back up towards the top of the stone apply less pressure
● Repeat the proces until burr is built up all along the front side of the blade near its edge.

Polishing The Knife

Use a higher grit stone and follow the same steps to polish your knife.


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