Our Custom Made Sayas

  • Ebony Saya
    An Ebony Saya is made up of solid wood. Its hardness increases the difficulty to craft and glue it, and can force a master craftsman to take a long time to craft it - from cutting it, sculpting it, and polishing it. That is why the Ebony Saya holds a high market value.

  • Snakewood Saya
    The Snakewood Saya is even harder to work with and glue than an Ebony Saya. It may require a master craftsman to take extra steps into skulpting it. Additionally, Snakewood is a very rare material and is hard to come by. These facts together make it very valuable.

  • Rare & Special Wood Saya
    Rare & Special Wood Sayas are difficult to craft but have a beautiful and unique finish. Their market value is high because of the difficult crafting process, and because there are no two same ones in the world.


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