●Department in Japan

Aoki Hamono: We have some of the best blacksmiths working with us. We are strict with the quality of every single knife that we produce. And in every step of making a knife, we are focused and meticulous. Even after the knife is forged, we take great care during the installation process and pay a lot of attention to the blade and handle aligment process. Our focus, attention to detail and excellence is what allows us to keep our knife quality on a world class level.

Aoki Hamono Seisakusho Co.,Ltd


〒590-0907 Ōsaka-fu, Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku, Midorichō, 3丁126−2


●General Agent

Yangiknife Inc. is a general agent of Akazawa Cutlery in the U.S.A.. They are qualified by Akazawa Cutlery and Aoki Hamono to offer professional knife sharpening services.

Telephone: 646-789-1755

ADD: 5402 7 Ave#B, Brooklyn, NY 11220. U.S.A


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Akazawa Cultery LTD,.

〒590-0907 Ōsaka-fu, Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku, Midorichō, 3丁126−2

Akazawa Cutlery LTD,.